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Energy Stat: Are U.S. Utilities Prepared for the Next Disaster? Itron's New Report Has Intriguing Data

October 14, 2019

Why is it vital to invest in the modernization of the power grid? While there are many reasons, two crucial ones are the worsening risks from (1) weather-related natural disasters, with the recent California wildfires providing a high-profile case study; and (2) cyberattacks. The grid has always had vulnerabilities, but the magnitude of these threats is generally on the rise. In a newly released report, incorporating surveys of utility executives and the general public, Itron provides intriguing macro-level perspectives on this issue. Recall, in May we delved into one facet of this issue - power outages - in the context of Bloom Energy. In their own ways, both Itron and Bloom have leverage to this underlying theme, and we are of the view that the theme remains under-appreciated byinvestors.