What Clients Say

Tim has helped us greatly with making significant financial decisions over the past year as it relates to our pensions, life insurance, and overall investment mix. As a result, we are feeling good about how our portfolio is structured for the long term. We also meet regularly enough to adapt if necessary to short term opportunities and/or concerns.

While I have and still do enjoy keeping an eye on the financial world, Tim has also introduced us to some valuable tax strategies which will enable us to cuttaxes and to put more money to work to help us achieve our family's financial goals.

– P.L. and K.L.

As business owners, we have many moving parts in our business as well as personal lives. It gives us great comfort to know that Tim is on our side ensuring all of our hard work results in as much of a flexible future resource as possible.

He’s constantly working on improving his practice and his strategies for our benefit. He also works directly with our accountant to save us even more time and money.

Creating our Client Vision with him definitely was time very well spent. We especially enjoy dealing with Deborah and Meagan and the ever increasing amount of taxes that Tim cuts for us!

– C.H. and G.H.

We have personally known and had Tim as our Financial Advisor for many years. He has been of great value to us with everything from our daughters RESP and parent's investments, to of course our own situation. In addition to investment advice we have benefitted also from cash flow, debt management, and mortgage suggestions and strategies. Our lives are too busy to keep track of the investment world; we have every confidence in his ability to.

– A.P. and C.M-P.

We have been satisfied clients of Tim’s for many years. The level of personalized service and multi layered analysis he does of our entire financial situation gives us comfort and confidence. In fact, he found a substantial tax savings opportunity within our corporation that our accountant didn’t identify. He also has a solid grasp of realities and opportunities with owning a U.S. property which has benefitted us.

– J.B. and D.B.

My annual bonus is over $400,000 per year and Tim ensures that my family and I benefit from it, not the government.

– N.W. Executive

In our first meeting with Tim he advised us to restructure our finances and introduced us to investments that greatly reduced the taxes we paid then and every year since.

– B.F. and S.F.